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Application and Registration Form

Enrollment Guide


Enrollments are available at the beginning of each term and can be done throughout the year for the consecutive term semester.

Application fee & Registration fee


A non – refundable application fee of R1 500.00 and the registration fee is included in the course price.

What do the fees include?

  • Theory training
  • Practical training
  • Practical assessment
  • Practical moderation
  • Practical material
  • Internet research
  • Work placement

Payment method

  • Payments are to be made as a bank transfer transaction, no cash will be accepted.
  • A full payment of the course is accepted.
  • 50% of the course must be paid if the course is to be paid in monthly installments throughout the course.

How do I enroll?

  • Select a course, specifically the course you desire to complete.
  • Get an application form.
  • Complete the application and registration form.
  • Deposit the application and registration form.
  • Submit the application form along with the proof of payment.
  • Come through on the requested date after receiving the acceptance letter.

Enrollment process

  • After receiving the acceptance letter, come through on the request date of the acceptance letter.
  • Attend the induction sessions and read the terms and conditions of the acceptance code of conduct.
  • Collect course accessories (chef hat, chef jacket, chef trouser, apron, mittens, etc.).

What are the registration requirements?

  • Grade 10 – 12 certificate or equivalent.
  • Certified copies of I.D.
  • Certified copies of proof of residence.
  • Certified copies of high school statement or certificate.
  • Certified copies of marriage certificate.
  • I.D. photos (parent, spouse).

Where can I get an application form?

Courses offered

City and guilds courses
Number Course title Course code
1. Certificate in introduction to the hospitality industry 7102 – 22
2. Diploma Food Preparation – Level 2 8065 – 02
3. Diploma in patisserie – Level 2 8065 – 03
C.A.T.H.S.S.E.T.A. courses
Number Course title Course code
1. National Certificate: Accommodation services – Level 2 SAQA. ID:14110
2. National Certificate: Food and Beverage – Level 4 SAQA. ID:14113
3. Further Education and Training Certificate: Tourist Guiding – Level 4 SAQA. ID: 71549
C.A.T.H.S.S.E.T.A. skills programmes
Number Course title Course code
1. Assistant Chef N.Q.F. – Level 2 HSP/AssChf/2/0022
2. Table Attendant N.Q.F. – Level 2 HSP/TblAtt/2/0025

Workshop venue offered


Soweto Chef’s Academy’s facilities has a state of the art kitchen, as well as an event space for demonstrations, team building, book launches and so much more.

  • Venue space is available.
  • Food and refreshment at the venue. 
  • Hospitality professional personnel to assist during the event available.


The above mentioned services are available at Soweto Chef’s Academy’s facilities at a rate.

When booking at the venue you can be assured of safe parking at the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication, underground parking.

Available workshops

Below are the tables 01 – 04 with the title of the workshops hosted at Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd.

Follow our social media platform for information (date / attendance rate).

Culinary techniques workshop table 01
Number Work shop title
1. Banting workshop.
2. African cuisine.
3. Meat grilling workshop.
4. Food handling workshop.
5. Seafood workshop.
6. French kiss.
7. Garnishing and plating.
8. Introduction to food costing.
Culinary techniques workshop table 02
Number Work shop title
1. Cooking vegetarian.
2. Basic cake baking.
3. Eating and living healthy.
4. Indian sweet meat.
5. Thai cooking.
6. Pies and tarts.
7. Pastry workshop.
8. Customer service and table lay – ups.
9. Salads and starters.
10. Fish and poultry.
Culinary techniques workshop table 03.
Number Work shop title
1. Sweet dough.
2. Cookies and biscuits.
3. 10 Day course.
4. Pasta workshop.
5. Mexican cuisine and tapas workshop.
6. Indian cuisine.
7. Bread baking.
8. Hot and cold dessert
Culinary techniques workshop table 04.
Number Work shop title
1. Food handling and safety hygiene.
2. Advanced cake baking.
3. Introduction to food costing.
4. Meat grilling workshop.
5. Cup – cake workshop.
6. Mediterranean workshop.
7. Stocks; soups and sauces.
8. Rice; grains and pulses.
9. Knife skills.
10. Gourmet pizza; burger and fast food.
11. Pies and tarts.
12. Breakfast workshop.

Short courses offered

Course Course duration
Theoretical and practical cookery 3 Months

Theoretical and practical cookery

  • Prepare and cook vegetables for basic hot dishes and salads.
  • Prepare basic vegetable and protein dishes.
  • Cook sauces and soups.
  • Prepare and cook meat, poultry, game and offal dishes.
  • Prepare and cook basic fish dishes, rice dishes, pulse dishes, egg dishes and pastry dishes.
  • Prepare and cook basic cold and hot dessert.
  • Baking and dessert (short mix, quick mix and basics).
  • Handle and store food.
  • Food costing session.
  • Clean and maintain food production areas, equipment and utensils.
Course Course duration
Theoretical and practical baking 3 Months

Product knowledge:

  • Types of flours.
  • Types of chocolates.
  • Types of sugars and sugar stages.
  • Food storage.
  • Basics on costing.
  • Paste based product.
  • Types of meringues.
  • Chemicals in baking.



  • Cupcakes and piping skills.
  • Buttercream masterclass: Entails of learning how to make a cake from scratch, how to stack, dirty ice and finish off with sharp edges.
  • Basic biscuit dough.
  • Tarts: Milk tart, fruit tart, chocolate tart, lemon meringue tart, creme pate, pecan tart.
  • Pastries: Puff pastry, croissants, pies. o Ice cream techniques.
  • Sponges: Jaconde and genoise sponges.
  • Sweets: Honeycomb, coconut ice, marshmallows, chocolate rochers.
  • Eclairs
  • Cakes: Cheesecake, carrot cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake, swiss roll, red velvet cake, red cake, lamingtons.
  • Meringues: French, italian, swiss, pavlovas.
  • Breads:Dinner rolls, pita, hot cross buns, pizza dough, roti.
  • Desserts: Bread and butter pudding, bavarian, bavarois, creme brulee, creme caramel, panna cotta, chocolate mousse, rice pudding.
  • Chemicals in baking: Muffins (sweet and savoury), scones, crumpets, pancakes.